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A higher percentage on HCG trends is all about weight loss campaign. A minute proportion use HCG diet for their weight gain campaign I may say. Celebrities once again fail not to appear in the weight gain under HCG. Remember, earlier I mentioned that under HCG drops together with exercises may cause a weight increase in an individual. Let us see how just this worked with some of our favourites or least liked celebrities and for what reasons they chose to gain their weight. A very little percentage in our world today would prefer weight gain over weight loss (Reference).The world has this common misconception that slim and less weight is sexier than weight gain. However, before going to Celebrities, i would like to talk about how to choose hcg drops. It is very important to go through reviews written by Amazon and Ebay before you finalzie any brand online. I saw a site dipalying both amazon and ebay reviews from popular hcg drops in a single page. Must go through the article before you choose any drops online.

Bradley cooper

He did not have a choice against his career. The forty year old artist gained forty more pounds to feature in an America’s popular show, American sniper. After all he still looked sexier after being named the sexiest bloke alive.

Mark welhberg

Another guy who had to not only add weight but also grow biceps to play a role in the movie pain and gain is Mark Welhberg. He acted along with Dwayne Chambers who is well known combatant. With no doubt, those biceps had to come whether he liked it or not. I mean, who would like to look skinny besides the wrestler.

Kevin federline

At his 30th birthday, Kevin had gained up to two hundred and forty pounds. Who even does that in this life time? We cannot be judgmental either on his decision or whether it was a mistake. He was a toned dancer when he was in his gain weight period. To try to cut off his so much weight gained, he appeared in a reality show celebrity fit club in 2010. It seems he did not achieve his goals since he is said to have struggled with his weight over a period of time.

These are just but a few or two who under HCG gained weight. It is not bad after all to gain weight. Wait a minute, what of the female species? It is so much almost impossible for a woman to feel comfortable or rather chose to add more weight unless she is suffering from malnutrition. Almost every woman’s dream is to became slender and definitely with good shape.

No matter all the celebrities do either to gain or lose weight, we should appreciate their efforts because, who wouldn’t want to look stunning?

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Are you trying to get in shape? Or you just want to look more masculine? Either way, there is a road to your fitness success. Nutrition is one of the steps you must complete in order to have muscles you desire.

By eating healthy and nutritive food, you enhance your performance in a gym; you become stronger and can do complex exercises and lift more weight. Moreover, nutrition is a way to increase the level of testosterone (T), a hormone in your body that enhances your strength and helps you gain more muscles. There are many best rated t-boosters on the market you can take daily to boost your strength and performance.

High Testosterone

When the level of T in your body is lower, it has negative effects on your heart, insulin and it can cause obesity and overweight. On the other hand, if you increase your T level, you will boost your libido, decrease body fat, cognitive functions, and the most important is that you will gain more strength.

When you gain more strength, you will be able to do heavier weightlifting, run more on a treadmill or even train more than once a day. Don’t forget that you will become bigger, stronger and more confident when your muscles grow.

Diet Plan

Your daily food intake should include nutritious food that will nourish your body and improve your overall health. You should also avoid taking food that is high in calories but not so nutritious such as candies, processed or other food that can have a negative effect on both your T level and workout performance. If you really want to shape that body of yours, think about including a dietary supplement such as virmax testosterone booster that will energize your body and stimulate it to produce more T.

Additionally, take vegetables; they contain vitamins and minerals that are essential for your health and your body’s performance. Eat oysters and mussels since they are rich in zinc. Other substances you should include in your daily meals are omega-3 fats, magnesium, potassium and selenium.

These substances affect your mood, overall health and they help you maintain your energy. Since they reduce stress as well, you will be able to sleep better and nighttime sleep is the time when your muscles recover.


Make both dietary and workout plans to make it easier to follow the daily routine. Take the first step and you will see the results in no time. J


If you want to enhance your workout performance, you can do that in many different ways. Everyone says that sleep is one of the ways to maintain a high energy during a day, but nutrition is important as well.

When you know which food you should avoid and which to eat frequently, you are on the right track – especially when you include a test booster in your diet plan.

What are Test Boosters?

Testosterone boosters or t-boosters are dietary supplements that rise testosterone (T) level in one’s body. Although many people use anabolic steroids to increase the level of T, the steroids are actually made synthetically. As a variation of T, steroids can have some negative effects on a person’s overall health. They may cause a heart attack, liver disease and other health issues.

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On the other hand, test boosters are herbal supplements that affect and support the production of this hormone. In other words, the ingredients that can be found in these dietary products are natural and highly nutritive. For example, the nutritious ingredients you can find in the best products such as six star testosterone booster are magnesium, ginkgo biloba, minerals and other.

How to Choose the Right Supplement?

When it comes to deciding on what is the best testosterone booster for you, you should consult a doctor first. You can find many different supps on the market and they mostly differ by their key ingredients.

They all enhance your performance but they can also have other different effects on your body. So what are the effects you can expect if you include this dietary supplement in your daily meals?

What are the Differences between T-Boosters?

Although all testosterone boosters enhance your performance and boost your energy, some products are specially designed to help you meet a certain goal.

For instance, if you exercise daily, you can choose a product that will help you recover your muscles faster during nighttime sleep. Since T level starts decreasing with aging, many products are suitable for the older people such as the boosters that help people over 50 gain more strength and maintain this hormone’s normal level.

When it comes to the similarities, all t-boosters have effect on libido – they enhance your performance in bed, thus make you more self-confident. They aid in building your muscle mass by boosting your energy. Since test boosters are herbal products that consist of natural ingredients, doctors can prescribe a supplement in cases when your body lacks a vitamin and/or mineral (to maintain a healthy level of it).



Maintaining a healthy body can be a tough assignment if you have to change your eating habits. However, all you need is to try changing them for a few days and you will notice that healthy eating has become a part of your daily routine.

Plan Your Daily Food Menu

You should start by deciding on which food is good for your fitness. Visit a nutritionist’s office and make a diet plan. Avoid eating the unhealthy food, so open your fridge and throw out everything that will only make you fat. For instance, avoid eating salami; it is high in calories and a mix of salted beef or pork meat – the wrong food choices may cause various health problems.

Increase the number of your daily meals. Besides breakfast, lunch and dinner, your diet plan should include healthy snacks such as a carrot. Also, don’t skip your meals and try to eat at the same time every day.

Take Dietary Supplements Daily

As a kind of food, dietary supplements have many purposes. Substances they include are vitamins, minerals, acids and other. Some people consume them in order to balance their diet while others may use them if they show a vitamin or mineral deficiency in their blood.

There are multivitamin complexes, fatty acids, test boosters that bodybuilders take and dietary mineral supps that can be prescribed. Ask your nutritionist which dietary supplement would be the best for you. Take a blood test and decide upon the results of it.

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Calculate the Calories Intake

A diet plan depends on your daily amount of calories intake. Many people recommend 1200-calorie diet menus while other diet plans can be designed especially for your needs. Keep in mind that you never should eat less than 1200 cal a day; it is the minimum your body needs to function normally.

You can use a calorie calculator to find out how much energy your body needs to perform on a daily basis; it depends on your age, height, weight and gender. Additionally, it depends on your daily physical activities, so make sure to eat more if you exercise regularly.

Stick to Your Diet Plan

Although many of us cannot avoid breaking the rules, especially when we crave for a chocolate or an ice cream, it is crucial to stick to your diet regimen; otherwise, you won’t be fit.

Repeat to yourself that your health is more important that the pleasure. But if you sin, take a longer walk or a longer bike ride to make it up to your body.


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