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A higher percentage on HCG trends is all about weight loss campaign. A minute proportion use HCG diet for their weight gain campaign I may say. Celebrities once again fail not to appear in the weight gain under HCG. Remember, earlier I mentioned that under HCG drops together with exercises may cause a weight increase in an individual. Let us see how just this worked with some of our favourites or least liked celebrities and for what reasons they chose to gain their weight. A very little percentage in our world today would prefer weight gain over weight loss (Reference).The world has this common misconception that slim and less weight is sexier than weight gain. However, before going to Celebrities, i would like to talk about how to choose hcg drops. It is very important to go through reviews written by Amazon and Ebay before you finalzie any brand online. I saw a site dipalying both amazon and ebay reviews from popular hcg drops in a single page. Must go through the article before you choose any drops online.

Bradley cooper

He did not have a choice against his career. The forty year old artist gained forty more pounds to feature in an America’s popular show, American sniper. After all he still looked sexier after being named the sexiest bloke alive.

Mark welhberg

Another guy who had to not only add weight but also grow biceps to play a role in the movie pain and gain is Mark Welhberg. He acted along with Dwayne Chambers who is well known combatant. With no doubt, those biceps had to come whether he liked it or not. I mean, who would like to look skinny besides the wrestler.

Kevin federline

At his 30th birthday, Kevin had gained up to two hundred and forty pounds. Who even does that in this life time? We cannot be judgmental either on his decision or whether it was a mistake. He was a toned dancer when he was in his gain weight period. To try to cut off his so much weight gained, he appeared in a reality show celebrity fit club in 2010. It seems he did not achieve his goals since he is said to have struggled with his weight over a period of time.

These are just but a few or two who under HCG gained weight. It is not bad after all to gain weight. Wait a minute, what of the female species? It is so much almost impossible for a woman to feel comfortable or rather chose to add more weight unless she is suffering from malnutrition. Almost every woman’s dream is to became slender and definitely with good shape.

No matter all the celebrities do either to gain or lose weight, we should appreciate their efforts because, who wouldn’t want to look stunning?

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Updated: March 24, 2017 — 11:37 am

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